Partners for Learning

A recent partnership between ISANS and Dalhousie School of Occupational Therapy created a great learning opportunity. 13 new residents to Canada who are enrolled in Communication for Healthcare Professionals were interviewed by Dalhousie occupational therapy students who were honing their assessment skills, and learning about some of the social and … Read more

Successful Mentoring Partnerships

You’re in a new country and new environment; it’s a very different work culture, with different professional requirements. It’s an overwhelming situation. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone to talk to who would be sensitive to your work requirements? Wouldn’t it be great if they knew where you are … Read more

CIC Video – Advancing foreign credential recognition

Advancing Foreign Credential Recognition is a promotional video to showcase the International Qualifications Network, or IQN.  It is the product of collective efforts to strengthen immigrant labour market participation and integration, including faster and more efficient foreign credential recognition and assessment. CIC, in collaboration with their foreign credential recognition partners, developed … Read more

CIC Video – Language Training for Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has produced a video entitled Language Training for Canada. It is intended to raise newcomer awareness on the importance of official language skills for settlement in Canada. The video is aligned with the content in their settlement guide, Welcome to Canada, and is intended for … Read more

A new Start

From Iran to Nova Scotia – A New Start

Amir Nafez’s journey to realize an ambition of settling his family in Nova Scotia came with more than a few hurdles – he faced recertification training, finding a job, as well as navigating the Canadian work environment and culture.

After the professional engineer, his wife and young son left Iran two years ago, they found their way to Canada, first to Manitoba, then moving to Halifax where Amir sought help to re-establish himself in his field…

Labour Market Language

Did you know that 87% of employers insist on a “high level of proficiency” in language? We all need exceptional communication skills and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the workplace. So you may not be surprised to know that employers have identified a lack of English language … Read more

Temporary Foreign Workers: The Broader Context

The CCR has published a statement commenting on the issues affecting the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Canadians have recently had their attention drawn to serious problems with the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. It is useful to look at these issues in the broader context.

Over the past decade, Canada’s immigration program has shifted significantly from permanent to temporary immigration. In 2008, for the first time…

Recognition Event for Engineers

On Wednesday, April 23, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia held a recognition event to celebrate the successful completion of the 2013/2014 Worksite-based Performance Assessment of Engineering Competencies program. Our industry partners and clients came together to acknowledge the time and effort given by participants and supervisors, which included SHM … Read more