A healthier start to life in Canada

By Margaret Angus, Nova Scotia Health Authority, 12 May 2017. For 22 years, Moussa Saad smoked 20 cigarettes a day. With a pack of cigarettes costing only $0.15 in Saad’s home of Damascus, Syria, it was an easy habit to pick up and a hard one to let go. When … Read more

Important Information: Private Sponsorship of Refugees in 2017

What is Canada’s commitment for 2017? Canada has committed to bring 16,000 Privately Sponsored refugees to Canada in 2017. These refugees have sponsorship applications that were previously submitted to the government. Many of them will be selected from the “backlog” that has built up over the years. Can we submit … Read more

Nova Scotians thanked for stepping up to help Syrian refugees

By Steve Berry, CBC News, 2 February 2017.  ‘You saved the lives of 1,586 people … but the job is not done’ The ISANS publicly thanked all those who helped Syrian refugees settle in the province, with a celebration at the Halifax Central Library Wednesday night. It’s been a long road … Read more

Update from the Interaction Youth Project

The Inter-Action Youth Project is a national pilot project that fosters young people’s empowerment through increasing leadership potential, confidence, a sense of belonging and Canadian citizenship. The overall themes that are explored are: Canadian values, history and intercultural understanding, teamwork and community building, and civic engagement. This pilot has been … Read more

Launch of Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook. This resource was developed by Merek Jagielski, ISANS Coordinator of Translation & Interpretation Services, with support from many partners and stakeholders in the community interpreting field in Nova Scotia, including: Nova Scotia Coalition on … Read more

20,000 Government-Assisted Refugees Infographic

In the context of the government’s consultations on immigration levels for 2017-2019, the CCR has prepared an infographic calling for Canada to resettle 20,000 Government-Assisted Refugees a year.

camping group

28 Syrian refugees go on first camping trip in Nova Scotia

Five Syrian refugee families new to Nova Scotia got a taste of Canadian camping culture at Kejimkujik National Park this past weekend.

For some of the families, it was their first camping trip ever.

They joined Canadians and immigrants from other countries for the overnight expedition…

The Amazing Private Sponsorship Surge of 2015-16

This year has been an extraordinary year for Private Refugee Sponsorship. Canadians, overwhelmed by the intense media coverage of Syrians fleeing their homes, banded together to sponsor and bring Syrian families to their communities. Now – more than six months later – several articles have been published that follow the … Read more