Syrian Refugees: Responding to All

This is a public statement from the Canadian Council for Refugees – 27 January 2016.  The Canadian Cuncil for Refugees welcomes the announcement by the federal government of a Syrian Family Links initiative, designed to connect Syrian refugees who have family in Canada with Canadian private sponsors seeking to identify refugees … Read more

Altona, refugees

Welcome to Altona – population 4500 plus 45 new refugees

DNTO, Saturday January 9, 2016 Episode In Canada, the big cities get most of the credit for being multicultural. But the face of small town Canada is changing, too. This week, DNTO takes you to tiny Altona, in southern Manitoba, where the population just jumped by one percent thanks to the arrival … Read more

Myth versus Truth about Refugees

We’ve put together a list of 12 common misconceptions about refugees. Please read and share! You can also follow along on Twitter as we bust one myth per day! Take a look at the full list here, or check out some tweets below that you can share.   8th Day … Read more

Refugees arrive in Winnipeg

Editorial: Canada should remember all refugees

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition December 30, 2015.  Syrian refugees arriving in Canada have been greeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, provincial premiers, mayors and dignitaries of all types in a display of love and affection unprecedented in Canadian history. Immigration Minister John McCallum even doubled down … Read more

bikes for refugees

Over 170 bikes donated for refugees!

A huge thank you to the many generous community members who donated bikes in this past Saturday’s bike donation drive for refugees. One hundred and seventy bikes were donated and those that were in need of major repairs will find a new home at Bike Again with the rest of … Read more

Alphonse Mutaugoma

Halifax’s Refugee Health Clinic treats patients without coverage

By Elizabeth McMillan, CBC News, 7 October 2015.  One of the doctors working at Halifax’s Refugee Health Clinic says it’s a credit to volunteer physicians and the provincial government that refugee claimants continue to have health care despite federal cuts. On Wednesday, the provincial ministers of health and immigration attended the … Read more

Private Refugee Sponsorship – Information Package

Our Information Package will help you understand the process and commitment of Private Refugee Sponsorship. Please note that the current national situation on Syrian refugee resettlement is changing rapidly, and upcoming government announcements may impact the process outlined in the information package. If there are new announcements, please check here for updates…

ISANS Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a crisis for the last few years and we, as a settlement sector have been advocating to the government for action. This week, Canada, as a nation has finally acknowledged the crisis. ISANS is working with business, partners, colleagues, provincial and municipal governments to pressure the federal government … Read more