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Private Refugee Sponsorship

Private Refugee Sponsorship Program

Supporting people to sponsor refugees to Nova Scotia

ISANS is one of 110 Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs) in Canada.

The Private Refugee Sponsorship program at ISANS provides information, resources and support to groups and individuals interested or involved in the sponsorship of refugees. As well, ISANS builds settlement capacity and awareness in the community. The program has grown from 11 refugee sponsorship applications submitted in 2011, to over 146 applications submitted in 2016. ISANS has supported hundreds of Nova Scotians to join together to sponsor refugees, providing timely support for private sponsors to ensure the success of the sponsorships, and to ensure the experience is a positive one for communities and refugees alike.

The Refugee Sponsorship Program at ISANS:

  • Provides information and resources to sponsorship groups across Nova Scotia
  • Supports Sponsorship Agreement Holders in Nova Scotia in the application process and settlement of refugees
  • Works with relatives and groups living in Nova Scotia in the sponsorship and settlement of refugees

Please note we are unable to accept unsolicited applications for permanent residence from refugees overseas.

2021 Private Refugee Sponsorship Application Update

Be advised the 2021 ISANS Private Refugee Sponsorship selection process will remain the same as last year. ISANS is selecting applications from the interest forms we received in 2019. We will not accept new interest…


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