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Volunteer Roles

Volunteers help us create healthier, welcoming and more inclusive communities. Without our volunteers we could not effectively deliver many of our programs and services. As a volunteer you will receive orientation, training and support from us. Get information about registration and orientation.

Below are just some of the ways volunteers contribute to ISANS programs.

For more information about volunteering at ISANS please contact:

Get Involved

Community Connections Volunteer

Community Connections Volunteers offer support to immigrants as they settle in Canada.

You are matched with a newly arrived immigrant family and you meet once a week for two hours (minimum 6 months) for conversation, friendship building and to introduce them to their new community. ISANS will try to match you with a client(s) who has similar interests and is the same gender.

There are three Community Volunteer match options:

  • individual
  • family to family
  • 55 +

Community Volunteers help by:

  • offering social support and introduction to the community
  • practicing skills that will help with daily family activities
  • practicing conversation in English
  • sharing a home-cooked meal
  • introducing their match to people and places in the community (ex. historical sites, community centers, parks, and other places of interest)
  • talking and learning about each other's traditions and customs
  • exchanging ideas, information and resources

As a volunteer you will receive orientation and training from ISANS. You must complete a criminal record check and reference checks. The first meeting with your match usually takes place at ISANS or in their home with the program coordinator present. Weekly meetings take place at a time and place that is convenient for everyone.

EAL Volunteer Tutor

The EAL Volunteer Tutor program offers language support to immigrants through tutor matches and conversation circles.

You tutor an immigrant in a one-on-one setting, and/or teach a group of immigrants in a conversation circle, once a week for two hours. No previous teaching experience is required, we provide tutoring resources and training sessions.

We match you with a learner based on:

  • location
  • availability
  • interest
  • learner’s English level
  • learning goals and structure

EAL Volunteer Tutors help learners with their learning goals, such as:

  • EAL literacy skills
  • conversational English for daily life
  • writing and grammar
  • English for Academic Purpose
  • IELTS, TOFEL and CAN etc. test preparation
  • Citizenship Test preparation
  • test preparation for driver's license
  • basic computer skills

EAL Conversation Circle facilitators provide:

  • an opportunity to practice speaking English in a casual and stress free environment
  • networking with other participants
  • a diverse learning environment
  • information about community resources and social events

For more information, please contact: Rose Huh  |  902-406-8734  |

Classroom Volunteer
  • Work with English students under the supervision of an instructor
  • Assist with literacy and numeracy activities
Computer Lab Assistant
  • Assist the Computer Skills Trainer in teaching basic to advanced level computer courses.
  • For people who are knowledgeable in MS Office or in specific programs such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and Simply Accounting.
Occasional Opportunities & Special Events Volunteers
  • Help with events such as community BBQs and SupperNOVA
  • New opportunities on a regular basis

Share Your Skills & Expertise

Practice Interviewer

Share your skills and experience and make a significant impact on an immigrant's life - volunteer to interview an immigrant professional in their field of work, and help them prepare for a job interview.

Practice Interviews can be done in-person, by phone or online. The Practice Interview Program is:

Flexible: We work around your schedule; you can volunteer morning, afternoon or evening. You can volunteer periodically throughout the year.

Rewarding: Share your expertise, help an immigrant professional in a meaningful way, build your interviewing skills and portfolio, increase your cultural competency, meet potential employees, and use this experience for your performance appraisal, or as a company's community involvement or diversity initiative.

For more information please contact: 

Darlene MacInnis |  Coordinator, Practice Interviews  |  902-406-8832  |


Contact Practice Interview Coordinator

Coordinator explains program and answers your questions

Mock interviews are arranged around your schedule

You are sent participant's job ad, resume and cover letter

You provide a 30-minutes practice interview and provide feedback

Professional Mentor

Professional mentoring links practicing professionals and skilled immigrants in the same occupation and provides a valuable learning opportunity for both participants. As a mentor, you can provide informal advice, connections, moral support, and entry into professional networks that will allow a skilled immigrant to break into the job market at a level comparable with her or his training and education.

The Mentorship Program:

  • promotes professional connections
  • helps  internationally-trained professionals build confidence and identify realistic career goals
  • provides insight into the professional terminology used in the local industry
  • provides insight into the work culture in Nova Scotia

Through mentorship you will:

  • Enhance your leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Gain a better understanding of the skills and experience that immigrants bring to the workplace
  • Become more aware of the job market and industry trends


For more information please contact:

Ritu Ganju |  Coordinator, Mentorship Program  |  902-406-8662  |


Contact Mentorship Program Coordinator

discuss your interests and professional background

coordinator contacts you when match has been found

coordinator attends the first meeting and helps you set goals and plan meetings

you provide advice, connections, moral support

mentors and mentees work together to achieve learning goals

Profession Specific Opportunities