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Welcome Ambassador Program

Welcome Ambassador Program

The Welcome Ambassador Program is a 12-hour training program to:

  • build cultural awareness skills
  • examine the understanding of our role in systemic oppression
  • develop skills and knowledge around power, privilege, and ally-ship
  • develop knowledge and awareness about refugee newcomers
  • participate actively in making Nova Scotia a more welcoming and inclusive province

Whether you currently work with newcomers, or want to be more involved in supporting refugee rights, this training will help you buildĀ  cultural-competency skills and put them into practice. You will gain the resources to help you educate others in your workplace or community.

Delivered in a train-the-trainer format, this program is designed for volunteers, service providers, private refugee sponsorship groups, government employees, business groups, or anyone interested in building their skills and knowledge to tackle the barriers newcomer refugees face in our workplaces and communities.

Graduates of the Building Intercultural Competence workshops can consider this their next step in learning.

To be an Ambassador you must commit to:

  • attend all four training sessions
  • undertake two activities that promote welcoming and inclusion following the training
  • adhere to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity

This workshop can be tailored to specific groups and offered as a 2-day professional development opportunity. The facilitator will work with your team to generate directly applicable competencies to make your workplace more welcoming and inclusive.

For more information on upcoming training, please visit our events calendar.

For more information or to register for training opportunities please contact

Sherida Sherry Hassanali | 902-406-0129 |