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Internationally Educated Architects Work-based Assessment (Pilot) Program

Internationally Educated Architects Work-based Assessment (Pilot) Program

The Internationally Educated Architects (IEA) Work-based Assessment (Pilot) Program connects architectural employers across Nova Scotia with skilled internationally educated architects. As a host employer, you offer a participant the opportunity to work in your organization for 12-weeks at no cost to you. With no obligtion to hire, you can evaluate the skills of a potential employee in a worksite setting. As permanent residents, all participants are job-ready and legally eligible to work in Canada.

Flexible: IEAs can help with your workload and advance projects
No Cost: Discover talent at no cost to you and ISANS pays the training allowance
Low Risk: ISANS provides work place injury and liability coverage for IEAs
Targeted: IEAs are matched with companies that best suit their backgrounds and employer needs
Career Focused: IEAs are professionals with related education and skills
No Strings Attached: There is no obligation to hire and the placement can be terminated by either party at any time

As a host employer you:

  • Give an IEA the chance to work in your organization for 12 weeks at no cost to you
  • Provide the IEA feedback on their performance at the end of the placement
  • Have the opportunity to assess an architect’s skills and knowledge on the job
  • Have no obligation to hire your IEA placement

Participating IEAs gain:

  • Valuable Canadian work experience
  • Experience in areas of practice required for their path to licensure
  • Local references
  • The opportunity to network and showcase their skills
For more information please contact

Rosemary Matsell | 902-406-8686 | rmatsell@old.isans.ca


coordinator sends you resumes of pre-screened, work-ready candidates

you conduct interviews to ensure placement is a good match

on selecting a candidate, you sign an agreement with ISANS

you attend a short training session on the program

IEA participant works on projects that you have identified

you evaluate job performance and provide feedback

coordinator conducts a site visit

if placement is successful, you provide participant with a reference