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Internationally Educated Engineers Bridging Program

Internationally Educated Engineers (IEE) Bridging Program

Are you interested in hosting an experienced immigrant engineer for 12 weeks at no cost?

The Internationally Educated Engineers (IEE) Bridging Program connects employers across Nova Scotia with IEEs for a Work-based Competency Assessment Program. As a host employer, you would offer an IEE the chance to work in your organization for 12-weeks at no cost to you. There is no obligation to hire, but you will have the opportunity to assess the engineer’s engineering competencies on the job and provide feedback.

Internationally Educated Engineers are keen to participate in the 3-month competency assessment program, as they gain valuable Canadian work experience, local references, experience towards their Canadian P.Eng license, and the opportunity to network and showcase their skills. All participants are job ready and legally eligible to work in Canada.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Flexible: Engineers can help with workloads and advance projects
  • Low Risk: All participants insured against injury at workplace
  • Targeted: Engineers matched with companies that best suit their backgrounds and employer needs
  • Career Focused: Engineers are professionals with related education and skills
  • No Strings Attached: No obligation to hire or pay; training allowance covered by ISANS
For more information please contact

Rosemary Matsell | 902-406-8686 | rmatsell@old.isans.ca


Coordinator sends you resume of potential candidate

you interview candidate to determine a good match

ISANS provides orientation to evaluating engineering competencies

candidate participates in 3-month engineering competency assessment

you provide feedback on engineering competencies

you can provide a reference to participant