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On-Site Recruitment & Career Info Sessions

On-Site Recruitment & Career Information Sessions

EmployerTradeshow 008Are you an employer, group of employers or an industry sector recruiting more than one individual for the same or different positions? Are you an employer planning for your future recruitment needs and interested in providing information to a group of skilled immigrant job seekers regarding career opportunities with your organization?

ISANS can help you in many ways:

On-Site Recruitment and Information Sessions (ORIS) – Employers send their job descriptions to ISANS to meet their recruitment needs. ISANS arranges an On-Site Recruitment and Information Session by inviting a group of pre-screened job ready candidates to the session. Employers present information about their organization, job opportunities and recruitment process. The group information session is followed by speed interviews with each candidate.

On-Site Career Information Sessions (OCIS) – We organize On-site Career Information Sessions for employers who may not have immediate recruitment needs but are interested in meeting with immigrant job seekers to inform them about career opportunities with their companies.

Job Fairs – ISANS collaborates with employers, industry associations and sector councils and organizes general or sector specific job fairs to create a networking opportunity for employers and immigrant job seekers

For more information please contact

Kyle Turner | 902-406-8850  |  kturner@old.isans.ca