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Career Pathway Loan Fund

Career Pathway Loan Fund

Are you an internationally trained worker? Are you experiencing financial difficulties in the foreign credential recognition process?
If so, then the Career Pathway Loan Fund may be for you!

The Career Pathway Loan Fund may pay for:

  • Professional registration fees
  • Licensing and examination fees
  • Training/tuition fees/related text books
  • Living expenses (during exams or a specific training)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Work tools

To be eligible for the Career Pathway Loan Fund you must:

  • Be an immigrant Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Register as an ISANS client
  • Register with an Employment Specialist at ISANS
  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia
  • Have received training/certification outside of Canada
  • Have credentials accredited/recognized
  • Not have an un-discharged bankruptcy
  • Agree to repay the loan with interest
  • Have the required English skills to complete an employment plan
  • Have a return-to-work action plan

Please take a look at this visual pathway of the Career Pathway Loan Fund Process.

For more information please talk to your Employment Specialist.



Meet with your Employment Specialist to complete a needs assessment

attend a Financial Literacy Training Session

complete loan application with your Employment Specialist

complete financial section of application with CPLF Program Coordinator

assess risks and credit checks with RBC Account Manager

keep your Employment Specialist informed of your progress