Get Settled

Orientation Program

Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is a series of information sessions to support immigrants during their settlement process.

For more information on the workshops below please contact:

Introduction to Nova Scotia

This program is an orientation to Nova Scotia that provides you with information on:

  • life in Canada
  • family life and parenting
  • housing and apartment living
  • health care
  • public transportation
  • education and training
  • banking and managing finances
  • employment
  • Canadian law
  • recreation and entertainment
  • government programs and services

This program is delivered twice a day. You can sign up for this program during your intake session, or contact the program coordinator.

Seasonal Workshops

LegalWorkshopj-062These sessions are delivered in the community English classes in Halifax Regional Municipality. In these sessions you will get information on:

  • income tax return
  • summer recreation
  • winter in Canada
  • waste management
  • volunteering in Canada

Evening Workshops

These are a series of workshops that are delivered in the evenings. In these sessions you will get information on:

  • Canadian laws
  • legal workshops
  • financial literacy
  • health workshops