Labour Market Language

Did you know that 87% of employers insist on a “high level of proficiency” in language? We all need exceptional communication skills and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the workplace. So you may not be surprised to know that employers have identified a lack of English language fluency as one of the top two workplace-related issues for immigrants. Immigrants to Nova Scotia can face a number of adjustments and barriers when it comes to settlement, integration and employment. With the welcomed arrival of highly-skilled newcomers to Nova Scotia, settlement organizations like Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) have had to keep these two statistics in mind when developing and expanding employment support programs. Along with the language programs designed to support individuals in their day-to-day lives and their academic aspirations, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia has found a need for labour market language programs.

As a means of offering top-notch labour market language support to enhance employment and workplace success, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia provides English language classes to immigrants preparing for the workplace and to those already employed. These language classes are under an umbrella group of programs called the Labour Market Language (LML) programs. Funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, these programs consist of short- and long-term courses that focus on English for work and business. There are both online and in-person classes that give individuals the opportunity to develop and enhance their specific and general workplace English. As well, English in the Workplace is a long-standing program that bridges the job-specific needs of the employer with the individual needs of the employee in a jointly beneficial, language program. To quote one learner, “This personalized English teaching method has improved my English language skills at least three times faster than the other methods. It’s a kind of magic!” This “kind of magic” happens in many workplace across Halifax and Nova Scotia. From language support for an aquatic fitness instructor to convenience store owners to professional engineers, programs like English in the Workplace meet newcomers in real workplace environments and provide personalized and relevant language support. Whether you are a business owner, corporate employer, or employee, promoting workplace success has many benefits, for both the company and the learner.

Nova Scotia’s economy is dependent on growth and a strong workforce. With this in mind, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is dedicated to delivering professional communications programs to newcomers that build skills and confidence for successful integration into the Nova Scotia labour market. In the words of another learner, “[this] is very useful to new immigrants particularly those who are and will be working in a Canadian culture workplace. This really is appreciated and helpful! Please keep it up.”

by Amanda Marshall