Squiggle Park & Early Childhood Education at ISANS

ISANS is known for its extensive list of services for newcomers, including settlement services, language classes, employment counselling and job-readiness programs, support for immigrant business and much more. Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) team are some of the many staff working behind-the-scenes to make sure newcomers have access to these … Read more

ECE Centre: First Group Experience for Newcomer Children

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centre at ISANS provides care for newcomer children from different countries and backgrounds. Here, children aged 6 months to 5 years are exposed to their first group experience, while their parents attend language and skills classes.

Children from across the world with different languages, culture and experiences arrive at the ECE Centre to share the same language and culture. This is a first for them – everything is new and they have little to no information on what to expect…