Update from the Interaction Youth Project

The Inter-Action Youth Project is a national pilot project that fosters young people’s empowerment through increasing leadership potential, confidence, a sense of belonging and Canadian citizenship.

The overall themes that are explored are: Canadian values, history and intercultural understanding, teamwork and community building, and civic engagement. This pilot has been underway since November 2016. ISANS staff recruited 25 youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24. Participants are new Nova Scotians from Eritrea, Rwanda, DRC, Pakistan, Libya and Syria.

ISANS staff facilitated 30+ hours of leadership training throughout December. Some highlights:

  • an awesome retreat at Brigadoon Village (participants learned how to make stuffed orange brownies over an open campfire!)
  • visits from various community guest speakers who shared their expertise (Councilor Lindell Smith, First Nations change makers Chenice Hache and Rebecca Moore, Immigration lawyer Catherine Sadler, and Halifax youth who are post-secondary students and active volunteers: Govinda, Emnet, Zahra, Bintu, Abdul Hakim and Cameron).

Participants are now designing community projects that they are passionate about. The projects include collaborating and building relationships with children and youth at the IWK, individuals and groups that identify as (dis)abled and our senior population. Projects are still in the design process of these projects, so stay tuned!

A scavenger hunt was held on January 14 – discovering various organizations that benefit our community. This was an opportunity for new Nova Scotians to navigate their new community in a way that is fun, interactive and relevant to the goals of the Interaction Youth Project.

Upcoming: 10 participants will be chosen to attend a national gathering in Winnipeg, where they will present on their community projects and will have the chance to connect with other newcomer youth across the country. Be sure to check back for more details.

Photos below are from various events in December and January: