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English in the Workplace

Assisting Employees and Self-Employed Immigrants

This program has ongoing recruitment. Get in touch to discuss your training needs.

English in the Workplace is a 12-week training program for employed and self-employed immigrants to help you with the language you need for your job.

Training can be done in-person or by distance:

  • we offer one-to-one or group training right at your workplace
  • distance training is delivered live over the internet, using a web-camera and software for shared audio-visuals
  • lessons are usually two times a week for 90 minutes

English in the Workplace can help you with:

  • Speaking: customer service language, pronunciation, telephone English
  • Listening Skills: listening to coworkers, supervisors and customers
  • Writing: emails, reports, filling out forms
  • Reading: workplace materials, emails, reports
  • Canadian Workplace Culture
For more information please contact

Language Services Administration  |  902-406-8737


you or your employer contacts ISANS for English in the Workplace training

instructor conducts a needs assessment with you and your employer

program is customized to your workplace needs

free training begins twice a week for 12 weeks

final evaluations are completed