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Practice Interviews

Practice Interview Program

A job interview is an important part of finding work in Canada. Learning about job interviews and practicing your interview skills can greatly increase your chance of success.

Practice Interviews can be done in-person at ISANS, by phone or online.

Practice interviews will:

  • Give you an opportunity to meet with an expert in your field or a Human Resources professional
  • Help you practice the types of questions that may be asked in a job interview
  • Provide you with feedback from expert professionals on your interview skills
  • Help you understand what employers expect and how to present yourself confidently and professionally
  • Expand your job search network
  • Provide you with a recorded version of the interview for your review and additional feedback from your Employment Specialist

To be eligible for the Practice Interview Program you must:

  • Be looking for a job or a position in your field
  • Be an immigrant Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or International Graduate
  • Register as an ISANS client
  • Register with an Employment Specialist at ISANS
  • Complete one of the Job Search Strategies workshops

For more information please contact your Employment Specialist or:

Darlene MacInnis | Coordinator, Practice Interview Program | 902-406-8832 |

Contact Practice Interview Program Coordinator

Choose a job ad to use for your practice interview

Send a targeted cover letter and resume to the Program Coordinator

Interview takes place at ISANS and will last 30-45 minutes

Your interview is recorded so you can review it

Interviewer provides feedback and suggestions