Get Settled

Settlement Support

Settlement Counselling

When you register at ISANS, we may suggest you meet with a Settlement Counsellor.

Your Settlement Counsellor may provide help with:

  • a settlement plan
  • banking and budgeting
  • community supports and programs (family resource centers, libraries, YMCA, recreation facilities)
  • federal and provincial services and programs (Child Tax Benefit, Nova Scotia Health Card, Income Assistance)
  • access to healthcare
  • life in Canada (laws, rights,  and responsibilities)
  • information about school systems
  • stress and culture shock
  • other settlement matters that arise

In addition, settlement staff work closely with service providers to build better access to culturally sensitive services for immigrants and are involved in advocacy on systemic issues that become barriers to successful settlement.

To access our settlement services you must first go through intake and register as an ISANS client.

Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention Services supports immigrants who may be experiencing crisis in their life. The Crisis Counsellor will provide support if you are experiencing:

  • family or gender-based violence
  • relationship or family breakdown, separation, divorce
  • serious chronic and terminal illness
  • mental health issues
  • financial crisis
  • legal or housing issues
  • other issues that make your settlement process very difficult

Our Crisis Counsellor works with other services and community resources to address your needs and to increase your settlement capacity.

Services include:

  • needs and risk assessments
  • mobilization of emergency services when necessary
  • information and orientation
  • referrals to relevant services
  • support in navigating systems
  • individual advocacy
  • meetings and consultation with service providers

Crisis Intervention Services works closely with health service providers to build better access to culturally sensitive services for immigrants.

Family Support & Counselling

Family Support and Counselling helps families strengthen their resilience as a family. We help you develop and increase skills to help each family member maintain their mental well-being during the first years of settlement.

Family Support and Counselling provides wide range of services to support healthy family relationships, including:

  • parenting groups on parenting skills and healthy family life
  • newcomer support groups facilitated with help of partners
  • family violence and stress management workshops at EAL classes
  • individual and family orientation and support sessions

The Family Support and Counselling program also offers presentations and workshops to service providers and works in collaboration with family service organizations to provide services to immigrants on family issues. Through partnership and advocacy, the program aims to support community and government agencies to develop culturally safe and competent services for immigrant families.