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Tutor Handbook coverPractice English On Your Own

Hands On! - A Collection of EAL Literacy Activities

Tutoring Starts Here - Level 1

Tutoring Starts Here - Level 2

Tutoring Starts Here - Level 3

Tutoring Starts Here - Level 4

Handbook For Volunteer EAL Tutors

Introduction to Nova Scotia - a free online workshop was created to assist immigrants with their settlement process

For Service Providers: Tips for Virtual Networking - written by ISANS Pre-Employment Workshops Coordinator, this article outlines the advantages of networking online and offers useful tips for successful virtual networking

For Service Providers: Virtual Support Strategies - written by ISANS Pre-Employment Online Facilitator, this article discusses the challenges and unique opportunities that present themselves when supporting individuals in virtual settings 

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  • An Orientation to the Canadian Healthcare System
  • Communication for Work and Business - Instructor Manual & Student Workbook
  • Communication For Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals - Instructor Manual & Student Workbook
  • Language Learning Strategies - Instructor Manual & Student Workbook
  • Orientation and Communication for Engineers - Instructor Manual & Student Workbook
  • Through the Lens - Helping Newcomers Speak about Racism and Discrimination in Canada
  • Changing Lanes - English as an Additional Language Reading Series
  • CLSP Curriculum Guidelines 1-3
  • EAL Computer Book - Microsoft Word  2016 - Level 1
  • EAL Computer Book - Microsoft Word  2016 - Level 2
  • EAL Computer Book - Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 1
  • EAL Computer Book - Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 2