Language Learning: for Parents and Children

Kesabi Dhungana Bhujel came to Canada from Nepal with her husband and two children; Hari 9 years old and Broad 6 months old.

She left her home country of Bhutan with her parents when she was five years old and lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 18 years before she came to Canada.

Kesabi is happy to have the opportunity to learn the English language and to communicate with others. “At first I understand a little bit when other people speak English, but I didn’t know how to answer.”  She said because of the Child Care Program at Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia both she and her husband were able to attend Community Language programs. She is also happy her son Broad can learn English and Canadian culture while playing with other children in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) classroom. She is comforted to see her son enjoying different activities in the classroom. Kesabi explained “I love Canada because of good rules and good community.”

Now, Kesabi is attending a Level 2 Community Language Program and works weekends at the Best Western Hotel as a housekeeper. She was happy she was able to apply for a job and to understand the interview and the training process. Kesabi is hoping to continue her education to be a child care worker.

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